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Medical Fetish



Our facilities.

The Manchester Medical clinic is a fully equipped and functional medical facility, which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practitioners. Whether or not you are an expert medical fetishist, or a novice, all our Manchester Medical Practitioners have something to offer the discerning medical enthusiast.


What is it?

Medical fetish fantasy encapsulates total control of the body and natural bodily functioning. This type of fetish play is by no means for everyone, however each nurse at the' Manchester Medical Fetish Clinic' will complete a patient review assesment prior to partaking in the agreed procedure.


What does it involve?

All medical scenarios are part of a fetish role play dynamic, and are made as authentic as possible for those that like this form of 'role play'. Mistress Brown, Mistress Kitty, Mistress Saphire and Mistress Sheba have no medical qualifications, but all their medical skills however are part of a practiced, fully researched service in which safe, consensual and hygenic practices are provided.


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What is expected from a patient ?

Patients are required to arrive on time. If you are late then this will be deducted from your medical procedure time slot.

Patients will hand payment to the nurse in an envelope.

Patients who smoke are kindly requested not to do so prior to their appointment, as most procedures are within close proximity to the patients.

Patients will arrive clean and smelling fresh, showering facilities are available if required.


What is to be expected from your nurse ?

Your nurse will offer a professional service.

Your nurse will listen to requirements and act responisbily.

Your nurse will only use apparatus that have been fully sanitized.


How long does the service last? Are there any extra costs?

When you enter the medical suite, you will be treated as a patient and your experience will be as authentic as you wish.

A basic medical session lasts 60mins and includes items from your original application form. As to extra costs? Please contact your nurse regarding extra costs,  as consumables are additional.

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