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Medical Fetish


+ Nipple play – clamps, suction cups, weights and vibrations.


+ Suction and fire cupping


+ Vacuum penis pumping


+ Sensation play – feathers, ice, hot & wax, pinwheel, ball chain whip, nettle torture


+ Blood pressure diagnosis


+ Heart-rate and temperature procedures


+ Forceps & streching treatments


+ Chastity service (we have a       selection of devices in assorted materials)


+ Enforced milking and orgasm control


+ Rubber nurse fetish/rubber bondage


+ Institutional restraining/streight jacket treatment


+ Shaving & waxing


+ Dental examinations



+ Scalpel play - Light Cutting


+ Enemas – gravity feed and Higginsons syringes.  that extra tingling sensation. (coffee enemas & evil soap-sud enemas available)


+ Fisting & fucking machines


+ Strap on – all sizes


+ Anal examination and dillation with prostate massage


+ Urethral sounds – Rosebud and Hegar kits; vibrating and electrical sounds


+ Depilation – shaving and waxing


+ Electro-stimulation -E stim Multi channel  powerbox  for cbt and electric dildo and butt plug


+ CBT – crushing and stretching with parachutes and pulley systems


+ Breath Control using C20 feeding system -bubble bottle system -plastic bags- suffocating


+ Light needle play -nipples and balls , light needles through top epidermal layer .  

+ Needle play – cock and balls pierced Note : PA piercings not available  


+ Temporary needle corset


+ Catheters & urine bags


+ Scrotal inflation 


+ Anal play – dildos of all sizes, dilation & stretching with inflatables and anal speculum


+ Branding  & scarification


+ Extreme poppers with breathplay







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